Exclusive Catering


Over the years, we have had the incredible opportunity to work with a variety of people on a range of budgets to plan magical and memorable events for thousands of dazzled guests.

A great party is not about how much money you spend. It is style, taste and elegance that make the difference.

With our English speaking team, that have the experience and expertise from Luxury hotel industry, this allows each of our clients to rest assured that their party are in good hands which allow them to become a guest at their own party.

The freshest, most flavoursome ingredients are artfully composed and presented with flair and finesse. Guests are looked after with gracious, friendly, professional service and events are coordinated with unparallel perfection.

Blending exceptional cuisine with the magic of Bali, we will work a little magic of our own to ensure that your dream becomes a reality, our ingenuity. Innovation and efficiency lies within the execution of an occassion that you will treasure.

Managed by Bali Catering Company


We are happy to rent out china, silverware, crystal glassware and tables and chairs for your celebration at home. Please email us at info@balicateringcompany.com for further enquiries.

Please also call upon us for wholesale prices of wines and spirits